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Driving Principles and Goals
of New Essex Theater

New Essex Theater's mission statement is simple:


People often ask where New Essex Theater is located. As of this writing, we don't have a physical building, but we've got the shows. As such, New Essex Theater is more of a state of mind.

If you're watching one of our live performances, that stage is New Essex Theater when our show is running. Watching multimedia on our web site? Then your computer is New Essex Theater. If one day we have a movie unspooling on 12,000 screens simultaneously throughout the world, then New Essex Theater has 12,000 locations on that day. The point is:

wherever people come together in peace to enjoy our stories
is where New Essex Theater is

New Essex Theater's brand of entertainment is daring, envelope ripping storytelling in all its forms: motion pictures, live stage performances, music, dance, spoken and written word, audio dramatizations and just about any other form of media or creative expression.

Above all, New Essex Theater prides ourselves in telling stories that are both a cerebral and visceral rush. Thought provoking stories should not be empty spectacles of ponderous nonsense that leave audiences confused and bewildered, they should bring audiences together in discussion and debate over the ideas presented; and of course, they should entertain as that is their primary purpose.

New Essex Theater has two short term goals:

  1. to consistently produce and/or distribute New Essex Theater's brand of entertainment in any and all forms of media
  2. to move into a physical location that will serve as a new type of multiplex theater, one that houses auditoriums to produce and/or present any form of entertainment including but not limited to:
    • film and digital video projection
    • live theater
    • live music
    • dance
    • spoken word
    • multimedia installations

New Essex Theater's long term goal is simple: achieve the two short term goals and franchise the hell out of them on a global scale, becoming a larger entity than Wal-Mart and Philip Morris combined. How else can we entertain as many people in the world as possible?

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